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Jennifer Moore

Owner, Birth & Postpartum Doula

Jennifer moved to Bloomington, IN in 2016 from South Carolina where she started her family and birth business. She is thrilled to be in the beautiful B-Town area She completed her Associates degree in Paramedicine in 2008 and while working in emergency medicine as a Paramedic, she felt a pull towards the birth profession.  Every call that came in for an delivery brought joy to Jennifer. This direction was confirmed after having her first son, so she began her work supporting families as a Doula. Jennifer has been working as a Birth Doula since 2013 when she did her training through Intuitive Childbirth. She is also certified through Stillbirthday as a Stillbirthday Birth and Bereavement Doula.​


Jennifer loves to support clients through their birth experience and help them work towards the birth they desire wherever they are being cared for and birthing at. Jennifer loves to assist partners through the birth as much as is desired so that they can feel like an active participant in the birth. Jennifer understands how bringing a new baby into your family and loves to guide families through this major transition. She is also trained as a Placenta Specialist through IPPA.  Jennifer has been trained in the Gena Kirby Rebozo technique, Spinning Babies, Empowered VBAC model, as well as keeps up with continuing education through books, conferences, and classes. 

When not working at Bloomington Family Wellness, Jennifer loves to be outdoors with her sons whether they are hiking, geode hunting, gardening, swimming, or playing at the park. 

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