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Placenta Services

Your body providing you with better postpartum healing

Potential benefits: Reducing likelihood of postpartum anxiety & depression, increasing energy & iron levels, increases milk supply, increasing oxytocin levels to improve bonding and reduce uterine size.

The act of ingesting one's own placenta (placentophagy) has become more popular in western culture as word spreads and mothers are realizing how it can help them in their 4th trimester. Ingesting your placenta is a normal act for mammals and the most common way for humans to do this is to have your placenta encapsulated. (see article here) Some people find the thought of seeing or touching their placenta weird. Having someone else encapsulate your placenta allows you to get all the benefits through taking capsules that look like herbal supplements while ensuring that the process has been done in a safe manor fallowing blood borne pathogen and food safe guidelines. All placentas are dehydrated for 12-18 hours at 160* F to ensure that any potential bacteria has been destroyed. All placentas from Group B Strep positive clients (GBS) are put through a vinegar bath and steamed then dehydrated at 160* F to kill the bacteria which dies between 130-150*F (see article here). 

Your safety and our encapsulator's safety is taken very seriously at Bloomington Family Wellness. The process can be done at our encapsulator's separate space, or in your home. In the encapsulator's space no more than 1 placenta is out to be prepared at a time to ensure there is no cross contamination or confusion. Contact us to discuss your preferences.

Newborn Baby with Mom

“Women should not have to suffer in silence. They should not be ashamed or feel they are bad mothers. More than 15 percent of all women experience some kind of mood disorder after giving birth. That means hundreds of thousands of women are going through the same struggles.”



Encapsulation can help with: balancing your own natural hormones and mood, lessening the likelihood of postpartum depression, increasing energy, decreasing uterus size and bleeding, increasing milk supply, and ease symptoms of menopause. 



Add on service to encapsulation. A tincture can increase libido, help lessen the symptoms of menopause, and help in times of trauma, transition, or emotional stress. Made by tincturing a thumb nail size piece of raw placenta into a 2 oz amber dropper bottle for 6 weeks before use.


Add on service with encapsulation. A healing salve balm is made from finely ground dehydrated placenta to create a highly potent healing agent created by infusing herbs, oils, bees wax, and shea butter, and placing it in a 4 oz metal tin. It can be used on almost any skin irritation such as rashes, c-section and other surgical scars, and perineal tears (once the stitches have dissolved)​​.

Placenta Prints

$30 paper /$40 canvas

Add on service with encapsulation. Artwork is created by painting the placenta with paints and a plastic wrap barrier on it to prevent cross contamination or food dye and printing it onto paper or canvas to make a beautiful piece of art. 

Placenta Salve

*additional travel charge will apply for those more than 30 miles away from the Bloomington area

Disclaimer: Jennifer Moore and Bloomington Family Wellness' Placenta services have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. Placenta services offered by Jennifer Moore from Bloomington Family Wellness are not clinical, pharmaceutical, or are intended to diagnose, prevent, or treat any conditions. Placenta capsules are a nutritive supplement and do not replace medical treatment. Purchase is for preparation services, not placenta capsules. Placenta capsules are intended for mother's own use ONLY.

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