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Birth Support

Providing you and your partner with non-judgmental support through pregnancy and birth with education, preparation, physical support, guidance, and emotional support.

A Doula does not take over or replace the birth partner but supplements the support they provide and can help them provide you the best support. Doulas can be as active or off hand as you desire for support.

Our doula teams share on-call time so that you always have a fresh, well-rested doula available to you; we also share our experience and specialized training to offer well-rounded, full-spectrum, evidence-based support.


"I was hesitant about having a doula at my birth..I am a private person and this is of course a very private experience. When I met with Jennifer I quickly realized that she could be a great help with the birth process... I can't imagine not having a doula!  She listened to what I wanted and when plans changed she was there to help me and support our wishes.  She also was full of ideas and techniques for pain management (and an extra set of hands so my husband could take a break or use the bathroom) and there as a translator if I didn't understand what came next or what the Dr.'s were talking about!  Also she was a help when I was laboring at home and answered questions so I didn't have to call the Dr every time I had a question.  She was always available even extremely late at night or early in the morning."

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